Thursday, May 16, 2019

Some cool digital projects!

Hi all,

Tonight is Open House and there are some amazing projects. A few of them, however, are digital projects. They will be on display on one of the screens but you can also view them here.

2019 California Digital Projects

2019 Energy Presentations

Mr. Mc

Monday, May 6, 2019

California Research Project - Visual Aide

Hi all,

Here is a copy of a page that is coming home tonight for homework. It explains some possible project ideas and details the due dates for the project. The goal is to have them ready by Open House (so about 9 days of work time). The writing will all take place in class so no worries there - but kids can refer to their drafts via Google Drive if needed.

The due date is the day before Open House so there is a one day grade period if someone needs it!

Also, here are some links to some past digital projects if kids want to be inspired. Technology projects are always welcome but physical projects are a little more fun to view at Open House.

2018 Digital Projects

2017 Digital Projects

California Research Project

You are working so hard in class to write an amazing research report on a topic related to California. Now it’s time to make the report come alive by creating a visual aid that supports your report!

This visual aid will be done at home and will replace the homework choice board. There are several ideas so we know there will be something for you. If you have an incredible idea that is not on this list, just let your teacher know and we can add it to our list so future students can benefit.

If your visual aid requires the use of technology be sure to communicate with your teacher on the best way to share it with the class. If you can find a way to get it onto your Google Drive then it will be super easy to share with the class.

Visual Aid Ideas
Diorama - Find an empty shoebox and create a scene that represents your topic
Brochure - Create a tri-fold description with visuals that teaches us about your topic
Photo essay - Share important images about your topic with captions explaining their importance
Google Slides - Include photos, graphics, diagrams, text, and more to teach about your topic.
Video - Make a video about your topic! Get creative and we’ll sit back and enjoy.
Board game - Design your own board game that is related to your topic - Come up with rules, game pieces, game board, and anything else needed to play the game
Painting - Paint something that is inspired by your topic
Puppet show - Create a puppet show that dramatizes your topic
Song or dance - Create an original dance or song inspired by your topic
Skit or play - Partner up with some friends who chose the same topic and create a short skit to teach us about your topic
Mobile - Create a hanging “sculpture” to display in class
Sculpture - Use modeling clay or any other materials to create a sculpture about your topic
Game show - Create a game show and invite us to participate during your presentation
Coloring book - Draw several illustrations that we can color in - just like a real coloring book
Poster - Create a poster that displays some important information about your topic
Float - Decorate the outside of a shoebox in a way that is informative and creative

Any other ideas, ask your teacher!

Important Dates
Monday, May 6th - Project description goes home
Wednesday, May 15th -  Visual Aid due

That’s 9 days to work on your project! Get started early and have fun!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Volunteers Needed!

Rio del Mar Math Festival - Parent Volunteers Needed! 
Tuesday, February 19th

Two possible volunteer sessions: 
First Session: 7:55 - 10:35   
Second Session: 11:35  - 2:10 

Volunteers will be assisting with classes, grade K-6th, as they filter through the MPR to explore math activities and games. 

You do not need to teach any math or know the skills, you will be more of a facilitator at a center - cleaning up materials between each class, helping younger students read the directions, etc.  

If you are interested and can commit to one of the sessions, please email  
Please note that you will not be guaranteed to be volunteering during your own child's class session. 

Alyssa Davis
Academic Coordinator
Rio del Mar Elementary 

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Some updates!

Hi all,

Here are a few updates and some information you might be interested in:

  • It is Socktober! If you would like to, we are accepting donations of NEW socks for the homeless. We have quite a few pairs so far, but we could always use some more.
  • This Friday is our first field trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! We have five drivers who have volunteered to drive and we are all set. It should be a lot of fun and I hope to share some pictures in the future.
  • The kids have finished writing personal narratives and they should be coming home this Thursday. Please read them with your kids and take a look at the rough drafts and yellow note I attached to get a better idea of the process kids went through to complete the project. Feel free to take a look at the digital versions and make any adjustments, if you like.
  • There has been a lot of interest in science of late and I encourage you all to take a look at the lessons, as I have posted them on the Google Classroom. The links will run out soon so let me know if they are no longer active.
  • Speaking of science, kids will have a science quiz on Thursday of this week, due to the field trip on Friday.
  • We have begin to talk about text structures this week as we begin a non-fiction unit. Take a look at this fun video to review/preview the five different text structures we are studying.
  • The big math skill we are working on right now is double-digit multiplication. Check out the "multiplication and division" section of my math videos for some cool strategies and explanations.
  • Halloween Parade will be 8:30 next Wednesday. You are welcome to attend!

Hope all is well!

Mr. Mc

Friday, September 7, 2018

Hi families - Mr. Mc is revealed!

Dear families,

Thanks to all who were able to make it last night to Back to School Night. It was great seeing you all and it was nice to chat (even if briefly) with many of you.

Here is the presentation for those who missed it or would like to see it again.

For those who came you had a chance to earn some money for your child by correctly identifying me as a fourth grader. I decided to give every child $1 if their child played and $2 to those whose parents guessed correctly!

Here is the answer!

Mr. Mc