Friday, February 14, 2020

Chain Reaction Machines!

Hi all,

Today we had fun making some chain reaction "machines". Below I have posted a link that will take you to some of the successful videos. Hope you enjoy them.

If your kids are inspired to create more videos at home and would like to share them, please have them share their videos with me so I can add them to this folder.

Mr. Mc

Chain Reaction Machines

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

A few things...

Hi all,

A couple of quick notes to share with you…

1. Kids will have reading log to add to their homework choice board this week. The directions are on the back and I will go over it today with them. They will also receive a Studies Weekly  newspaper which I would like them to read for one of their nightly reading sessions this weekend. It will support what we are learning in social studies and encourage them to read more non-fiction at home.

2. There are some extra credit options for them if they are motivated by McMoney. Math page is attached and there is a crossword in the newspaper. These are optional but your child might be motivated to do them.

3. Lastly, there is a Media Choices form coming home too which follows up on our first digital citizenship lesson. I want kids to keep track of their media choices for the week and I encourager you as a family to discuss them. Here is a video that helps explain what we talked about in class (they saw it as well). Hopefully this will lead to some planning at home.

Hope all is well! I will send an email about parent conferences soon - have no fear! If you know you are limited to a time already then feel free to let me know. If you’re flexible, look for the future e-mail.

Mr. Mc

Monday, August 19, 2019

First homework assignment and some other requests...

Room 10 families,

Welcome to a brand new school year! I hope it is an amazing year for everyone. Please read the following to learn about first week homework for both kids and parents.

I have sent the kids home with a fun first week homework. I want them to create a "record collage". We have a working record player in class and they will be listening to a ton of music this year - so it seems appropriate. Here are the basic guidelines:

1. Trace a circle (using the template) on the black paper and cut it out.
2. Glue the black paper to one side. This is the side that should look like a record.
3. On the black side I want them to include a photo of themselves and their name. Get creative! They can use magazine clippings, puff paint, markers, pastels, etc.
3. On the other side I want them to make a collage of photos. The photos can be of friends, family, athletes, actors, pets, singers, etc. Anything that they like.

Here is my example:

Other than the record collage here are a few things I am looking for:

For parents:

1. E-mail from parents (so I have your address).
2. Office paperwork completed.
3. Contact office about volunteering  requirements to see if you are eligible.
4. Look through your kids' backpacks for the following:
- Office paperwork
- Homework description (like you see above)
- After school sign up forms - one for after school program and the other for drama program
5. Take a tour of the blog (upper right hand corner).

For the kids:

1. 4 x 6 photo printed out to have in class.
2. Sticker for podium (optional).

Mr. Mc

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Welcome to Room 10!

Dear families,

Welcome back! I am very excited for the new school year and I hope your students are ready for a great fourth grade experience. If you are reading this then you understand the value of the blog! I believe it is a powerful communication tool and I will do my best to keep it updated. There are a couple of things I would like to point out that I hope will make your navigation a little easier!

Quick Links: You will see them to the right of the screen. For example, there is the link entitled "Fourth Grade Extension Activities". It has valuable resources for all subjects including videos, printable worksheets, etc. These might be of interest to you if you are looking to extend your learning at home.

Another one that I strongly encourage you to visit is the link entitled "Math Videos". I have linked videos for each and every math lesson from an online tutor named Duane. They have been very beneficial and I strongly encourage you all to use them as a resource. I have also made teaching videos myself to help understand the material taught in class. I have received a lot of positive feedback and feel that many students will benefit from my videos as well.

I also encourage you to take a look at the "Supplies List" and "Wish List" as they will help prepare your student and class for the year.

Fun Links (below the music playlist): These are links to various web pages that I find useful. Some are general (ex: social studies website) and others are specific (ex: California Missions). Many of them will be used by the students during the school day, but several will also be helpful to refer to at home.

Songbook Playlist: I have added a jukebox that features many of the songs we will sing in class together. Former students have played these at home while doing homework or just for enjoyment. I think parents will find many of them enjoyable as well! I think the website that hosts this playlist now  directs you to their site, but it is still easy to access and a lot of fun. Pictures of the artists and video links can also be found under the "Songbook" link in "Fun Links".

I look forward to communicating easily and often with you this year. I have learned from past parents that the easiest way to make sure you all see the blog is to send you an occasional e-mail when it has been updated. I have also been told to include a link to make it even easier to get there. There is also an option to Subscribe to e-mail updates. Signing up for this will ensure that you get an e-mail notifying you that the blog has been updated.

Please take the time to send me a quick e-mail ( so I can start making a list of all your e-mailsPlease include your child's name as well as yours.

I look forward to meeting all of my new students and their wonderful families! See you soon.

Mr. Mc